A new rock musical in progress loosely based on the Heinrich von Kleist play. Penthesilea, fearsome Amazon warrior queen, leads her army right into the middle of the Trojan War—and falls in love with Achilles. With rock music!

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The Prisoner of Vegas

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Cody Owen Stine

A new musical based on Anthony Hope's novel, The Prisoner of Zenda. The show follows the story of Jeff Rosen, an ordinary guy who is dumped at the altar in Vegas and then turns out to be a dead ringer for the owner of a Mafia-connected Vegas casino. Drawn into a scheme in which he must impersonate the casino owner, Jeff finds himself battling mobsters, wearing much nicer suits, and worst of all, falling in love with the casino owner's fiancée. A story about love, risk, gambling, and identity, it's a show that asks: What would you do if you could live someone else's life?

A sampling of miscellaneous trunk songs and demos from new works in progress.